Contest Code First Only

The contest code checker can show only the contest code field first before asking for additional questions. This is often done to make the contest more approachable or to only gather data on people who enter in codes that have prizes associated with them.

Initial Setup

Go to the admin area of ContestsWP and go to a contest’s setting area. Go down to the “Front-End Options” area and look for the option “Only show contest code first” check and then save the settings.

That is all you need to do for the default operation of having a contest code show up first and then if a winner is entered more information is required.

There are other customizations you can do for this feature and they are detailed below:

  • Additional Fields Message – This allows for a custom message when a user is requested to enter in the additional fields after the initial contest code.
  • Additional Fields First Button Text – The button text for the first step in the form.
  • Additional Fields on The First Page – This setting allows multiple fields to be displayed on the first page and not just the contest code. When this option is selected winners and losers will be recorded into the contestants WordPress admin area. This is ideal if you want to capture email addresses or other information for everyone.

Have any questions or would like this feature to work a certain way? Contact us we love to hear from you!

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