Custom Fields

The ContestsWP professional version can add custom fields to each contest. This is useful if you need to collect additional information for contestants.

Adding Custom Fields

Go to the contests listing area in the WordPress admin area. Under each contest, there will be a list of links and one of them is “Custom Fields” click on that link for the contest that needs a new custom field.

Once in the custom fields area, you can either edit, delete or add a custom field. To add a field click on the button “Add New.”

This will then take you to a new form where a new field can be added. There are a few fields and they are as follows:

  • “Field Label” – This is the text the contestant will see
  • “Field Type” – The type of field that should be displayed to the contestant
  • “Require Field” – If the field must be filled out by the contestant
  • “Validation Message” – The text that is to be displayed if a field is required and a contestant doesn’t fill it out

The only two required fields on this form are “Field Label” and “Field Type” once those two fields have been filled in it is now possible to hit “Save Custom Field.” This will then create a new custom field on the contest form that the contestant will see.

Ordering Custom Fields

Once some custom fields are entered it might be desired to move them around to be in different orders. To do this go to the custom field list and select the field you wish to change the order of and drag it to its new location. Finally, click on “Save Sort Order” in the “Bulk Actions” drop-down.

Edit and Deleting Custom Fields

To delete or edit a field just hover over the fields and there will be links to edit or delete.

Clicking the edit link will take you to the same form that was used when adding a new field.

If you have any questions or feedback, please, get in contact with us!

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