Email Notifications

The ContestsWP plugin has multiple options concerning email notifications that get sent out when a contestant submits a code. To get access to the email options go to settings for a contest and find the section titled “Email Options.”

The first few options are general settings about how the email is sent.

  • “Name to be Displayed for Email” – The name that is shown when a contestant receives an email. If a value of “Test Test” was entered here it would appear that the person sending the email was “Test Test.”
  • “Email to be Used for Sending Emails” – The email address that is used as the from email address. Note – some hosting companies do not like the WordPress sites sending emails from domains different from what the domain is being hosted. If emails are not being sent using a plugin like Easy WP SMTP is advised.
  • “BCC the Following People on Emails” – This is used when an additional person should be notified when a contestant submits a code. If multiple email addresses need to be used, separate them by using a semi-colon(;).

The next set of options customizes the emails for winner and loser notifications. The subject and body for the winner and non-winner emails can use placeholders that look like “[[INFORMATION_KEY]]” in them. Above the email setting fields, there is a list of possible placeholders that can be used.

In the image above there are custom fields that will be different for each contest depending on what, if any, custom fields are specified for the contest.

The message settings are:

  • “Email Winners With Prize Information” – When this is checked prize information will be sent to the winner. This is automatically added to the end of the email message. However, if the placeholder “[[prize_information]]” is added to the custom winner email setting then the prize information will not be automatically added to the end.
  • “Winner Email Subject” – The email subject that the winner will see.
  • “Custom Winner Email” – A custom email body that the winner will receive. If nothing is specified, then default text and if checked the prize information will be sent.
  • “Email People Who Enter a Non-Winning Code” – By default, the plugin does not send emails to people who do not win. However, if that should be done just check this box and emails will be sent to people who do not win.
  • “Non-Winning Code Email Subject” – The email subject a loser will see.
  • “Non-Winning Code Email Body” – A custom email body that the contest loser will receive.

Have any questions about this functionality? Get in contact with us, we are here to help!

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