Front-End Contest Code Lookup

In certain instances, a contest will run and there will be a need to validate the contest code and prize for a person. However, the person validating the information will not have access to the WordPress admin interface. There is the ability with the contestsWP plugin to add a shortcode to a page or post that provides an easy search interface for someone to look up this information. This article describes the shortcode [contest-code-checker-lookup] and how to set it up.

There is only one step to the setup for this. Either create a new page or post or go to an existing one that you want this functionality on. Then add the shortcode [contest-code-checker-lookup]. It should look something like this.

Once you have added the shortcode save the page and then you can view the page to see the functionality it will look like.

When you enter in the contest code it will search across all contests and return the person’s name and the prize associated with the code.

If there is anything you would like this feature to do or if you have any questions about ContestsWP please get in touch.

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