Generic Prizes

There are two ways to specify prizes with the ContestWP plugin: generic prizes and individual prizes. This guide describes generic prizes what they are and when to use them.

Generic prizes were created to handle the case when there is the same prize and it needs to be associated with multiple contest codes. This way if the details about a prize need to be updated they can be updated in one place for all associated contest codes. Besides generic prizes helping remove duplication generic prizes are also used when a prize is supposed to be selected at a specific time or with instant winners.

To add (or edit) a generic prize go to the contestsWP area and select “generic prizes” under the contest that needs a generic prize.

Once that link is clicked a page will be shown listing the existing generic prizes.

To add a generic prize click the “add new” button at the top of the page. To edit an existing prize hover over the prize name and click the “edit” link. A form will be displayed like the one below this is where details about the prize can be entered.

The prize name field is a name that will only be displayed in the admin area. If desired you can associate contest codes to use the generic prize this is not required especially if you are using features like the instant winner. Finally, the description is what the contestant sees when they win the prize. Once the information is filled out click “save” and you are done.

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