Mailchimp Integration

The ContestsWP Pro version has the functionality to integrate with Mailchimp. This works by adding a contestant to a list in Mailchimp if they opt-in during submission and enter in an email address. Let’s walk through setting up this functionality.


The first thing that needs to be done is to get a Mailchimp API key. To learn how to do this Mailchimp has some documentation at Once an API key has been generated it needs to go into the contest setting field “Mailchimp API Key” it will look something like.

Click “Save Changes” and then go back into the settings area for the contest. Once back in the settings area below the Mailchimp API Key there is a drop-down to select the mailing list the contestant should be subscribed to when submitting a contest entry. A mailing list needs to be selected for this feature to work.

The last setting associated with this feature is “Mailchimp Subscription Message” this is the text the contestant will see on the front-end form for the confirmation checkbox that is displayed to the user. There is default text that will be displayed so this setting is not required.

Once the settings are made just click “Save Changes” and your contest is now integrated with Mailchimp.

Have any questions or suggestions? Then please get in contact with us.

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