Random Winner Selection

The Contest Code Checker Pro has the ability to randomly select winners once a contest has passed the contest end date. This page discusses how to set this feature up.

User Experience

When the random selection feature is selected every contestant entry is considered to be a “lose” no matter what code they enter. When the random winner is selected, they are then associated with a brand-new winning contest code.

Setting up Random Selection

How the random selection works is it will go through all of the generic prizes for a specific contest and select one winner for each generic prize. Before enabling random selection, the two things that should be done are:

  • Go into the generic prizes area and enter as many prizes as you want winners selected.
  • Specify an end date for the contest.

Once those two items are done it is time to enable random winner selection. To do this go to the contest’s settings and under “General Options” select the option “Randomly select winners at contest end.”

Then save the contest settings and random selection is set up and going.

One additional suggested change is to modify the setting “Text for When Someone Loses” as this will be shown for every contestant submission.

Winner Selection Process

During the selection process, a person will be randomly chosen. If winner emails are setup then the winner will receive an email. The information for who won and what they won is also recorded in the database. After selection, if you go to your contest’s settings area you will see the information below the random selection option.

If you have additional questions about this functionality works, contact us.

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