Zapier Integration

ContestsWP has the ability to integrate with many different platforms via Zapier.

NOTE: The Zapier integration with ContestsWP is still private. If you want to use it, please contact us and we will get you added to the Zap.

This integration allows for new contestants to be read from your site and then used in other Zapier connections. As an example, you can use this to add a new contestant to your newsletter provider that is not mailchimp (as an example flodesk).

You will need two pieces of information to get this integration working:

  1. The URL to your site without the http or https as an example
  2. The Zapier API key that is found under ContestsWP Pro -> settings.

Once you have that information it is time to setup a Zap. First, we need to create a new connection this is where we will use the information we gathered previously.

After that we can use it to create a Zap like below.

And that is it. If you run into any problems or questions please contact us!

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